Karen Archibald Co-Founder

I was born in Canada and immigrated to this beautiful country over ten years ago.
Where did it all start:
My journey began in Bozeman, Montana, where my four children and I learned to fly fish and down hill ski. But I yearned for the sunshine and shorter winters and so we made our way to Arizona.
I am a retired dental Hygienist and now that my children are all grown up, I get to spend my time with my hubby (ken), three dogs, and hunting for the perfect properties for my clients!
Ken and I love to go adventuring around Arizona , California and Mexico. We also enjoy spending time with our grand kids and training our new Belgium Malinios. 

Kenneth Archibald


I was born in Canada, but moved to the beaches of southern CA at 3 years old.
Where did it all start:
I was always a working guy. I've held jobs in fast food, grocery industry, and Air Traffic. On the side, I started several of my own businesses. I've always liked real estate, and had a license in CA. Karen and I decided real estate would be a much better investment than the stock market, and fell in love with land. There's nothing like parking your car on your own 40 acre lot and having a picnic with the family or a camp out.